Lot 44
Poco Dee Babe
2003 Sorrel AQHA Filly

AQHA #4793825
“Babe" stands out in the crowd.  Very pretty filly with a feminine face and a big hip.  Sweet disposition, she loves being around people.  Rides outside nicely, traveling right out.  Just started roping on her in the arena out of the heeling box,  makes a nice corner and has a good stop.  Open gates, work the chutes and the colts off of her.  Very willing to please with a great attitude and a super pedigree.


  Red Sonny Dee Sonny Dee Bar
Toledo Kristy
Hot Sizzlin Red    
  Sizzlin Hot Babe Sizzlin' Hot
Poco Kopper Kat

  Peppy A Poco Mr San Peppy
Poco Dag
Up Peppys Ali    
  Gay O Governess Barlon
Golden Governess